How do I get a quote?

Simply select the days you want to rent, add to the cart, and view your cart.  You may also contact us for a custom quote.

What paperwork do I need?

You will need to provide proof of insurance, a credit card authorization if paying by credit card and a completed rental agreement.  If you do not have production equipment rental insurance, you can rent through our sharegrid or kitsplit profiles and insurance will be added at the time of checkout. You may also secure long term production insurance from our broker, Heffernan Insurance.

When do I need to pay?

Payment in full is due before the rental is picked up.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, company checks, cash, silver or gold, PayPal and Apple Pay.

We do not accept bitcoin or any cryptocurrencies at this time.

Do you Offer Student Discount?

We offer a 10% Student Discount.

Proof of actively attending a school is required.

Do you offer a Veteran or Military Discount?

If you’ve served for our country, we will offer you 15% off your rental.

Do you offer a Senior Discount?

Seniors over 65 are eligible for a 10% discount.

Do you offer expendables?

We offer a very limited expendables supply list to accompany some of our rental items including fog machine fluid and haze machine fluid. We also sometimes carry other items, just ask your sales representative on what you’re looking for and we’ll try to accomodate.

How do I reserve an Item?

You can add items online here at or on our rental partners, sharegrid and kitsplit, Your card will not be charged until your rental is approved.

Can I rent for different time periods?

Yes. You will need to place multiple rentals for each batch of time if not concurrent. With our online systems, it’s easy to rent.

May I extend the Rental?

Of Course. Additional time will be calculated and your card on file will be charged for the difference.

What if I damage or lose an item?

For Damaged items, we will attempt to get a quote for repair and you will be responsible to file a claim through your insurance for repair. If the damage is beyond repair, a replacement will need to be provided.

For lost items, the full value of the item will need to be replaced and a claim will need to be filed with your insurance.

Does the equipment include manuals?

Some items include manuals or we provide links to the manuals on the equipment profile., if not, you can simply google the item + manual and we’re pretty sure you can find it available online.

Do you charge a rental deposit?

Unline other major rental houses, we do not require a rental deposit, as long as you provide adiquate insurance to cover replacnent of the item(s) should something happen.

Do I need to have rental insurance?

Yes. We do not require a security deposit, but we do require rental insurance in the amount equal or greater to the item(s) you are renting.

Do you charge tax on rentals?

Yes. According to state law, we are required to charge sales tax for all rentals.

Do you charge late fees?

A late fee will only be added if the rental item is not returned on the day set for return unless the rental is extended by the customer, therefore, an additional charge will be added based on the additional time the unit is in the customer’s possession.

What if I don't return the item?

If you do not return the item, we will assume the item is stolen and file a police report and file a claim with the insurance provided.

Do you verify COI?

Yes. Part of our company policy is to verify the COI provided is accurate and active. If a fake COI is provided, you will be banned from renting from us again and will be reported to the proper authorities for providing fraudulent documents, not to mention reported to social communities.

What area(s) do you service?

We proudly service southern california, primarily Los Angeles County and surrounding areas.

Do you ship rental items?

We do not offer shipping of our equipment at this time. If you rent it and go out of the area, you are welcome to ship it back, however please pack it securely. If it is returned damaged, you will be responsible for its repair or replacement.

What if I need help with the rental item?

If you’ve having difficulty setting up or operating the rented equipment, we will do our best to assist you via text and instant message, over the phone at (747) 800-4212 or via video chat. On-site support is available for an additional fee.

What are the hours I can rent & return equipment?

Our office is open Monday-Friday from 10 am until 7 pm. If you wish to pickup or dropoff at a different time or day, contact us to setup special pickup or delivery arrangements.

Do you offer delivery?

Delivery is available via uber, task rabbit or

Can I pickup or drop off on a weekend?

Contact us for special arrangements for weekend pickup and returns.

Can I drop off before or after operation hours?

Contact us during our normal hours to arrange special pickup or delivery times.

What if I need help before or after hours?

Send us a message via text or voicemail and we will do our best to become available should you need it.

What if I return the rental dirty?

A cleaning fee of $25 or more may apply if the rental item is returned in more than simple atmospheric exposure condition. If you use in sandy or water environments, the rental may be damaged due to exposure without proper protection during use, and a repair fee may be applied. If the item is damanged, we will attempt to have it repaired. If it is not eligable to be repaired, you will be responsible for a replacement through your insurance.

Can XSite Rentals help me with my production?

Contact us to check availability for the crew position required for the desired role or task and/or equipment item(s) rented.

What if the rental is missing items upon return?

We would ask you attempt to locate the missing items and return them to us in a timely manner, otherwise we would ask for reimbursement for a replacement item.